You have to be very grounded when you’re listening to these stories because they are real. They’re real! This is one of the gifts of aging — working with Native American people, working with people that have dealt with cancer — nurses and doctors that I know and how they’re able to ground themselves and hold a space while people are going through something traumatic. And I’ve learned from them. Therefore, I ground myself and take a moment to do that and then hold a place of neutrality. You cannot allow yourself to be confused about what that moment is. You’re sharing something very intimate — you’re the listener — and they are choosing to impart this to you. So it’s not about a wall, it’s the opposite. You bring the wall down. But in bringing the wall down, I’m grounded, almost in my mind I’m right there with Earth Mother. I ask for her support, her energy and I study nature sometimes and this energy that she contains.

Tori Amos